Ditch the Routine &
Rev up Your Relationship!
We provide the framework with our Fun Loving Couples™ Philosophy

Fun Loving Couples™ is for those that want to enhance their relationship with their spouse, significant other, or partner.

Fun Loving Couples is for growing stronger together!
The Fun Loving Couples™ Philosophy
Spouse First
Putting your spouse or partner first means thinking of and considering your spouse or partner before yourself. Not an easy task when we are predisposed to to think ourselves first.
Turn Towards
Turn Towards focuses on you and your partner planning and dealing with everything together FIRST before seeking or inviting outside counsel from professionals, family, friends or coworkers.
Fight Right
We know we are going to have disagreements, arguments and even fights but we are NEVER malicious or harmful to each other. We do give each other permission to express our frustrations, unhappiness and emotions.
Together Time
It may sound odd but together time is not dependent on outside elements. In other words, together time does not (always) need tropical vacations, luxurious cruises. It's about quality time together. 
"Fun site with like minded couples that enjoy sharing the experiences with their spouses/partners. Moderators, Charles and Linda, keep the content fresh and encourage participation. Great to see what other couples are doing to enhance their relationships and/or marriage to keep it exciting and vibrant. Enjoy sharing our encounters as well."

Dan D. - New York

A Little Bit About the Founders of Fun Loving Couples™
Charles and Linda Musselwhite

Charles and Linda were high school sweethearts both coming from the proverbial broken home.  But they vowed early on in their relationship to stick it out through thick and thin no matter what. They dated for 4 years and married in 1991. Charles and Linda lived in Southern California for 25 years before becoming Digital Nomads in 2020. They have 2 grown children that also currently reside in the same area with their significant others and become grandparents to their first granddaughter in 2020.

30+ later Charles and Linda’s marriage THRIVES having weathered the storms of marriage, kids, businesses, homes, finances, family issues, elderly parents, you get the picture and with their latest venture Fun Loving Couples™ (FLC), they love to speak about those issues that can “get in the way” of marriage and partnerships.

Charles and Linda have created this Global Community for Committed Couples whether they have only been married for a short period of time or for years and years. Fun Loving Couples™ (FLC) is open to ALL relationships regardless of race, religion and sexual orientation.

Fun Loving Couples™ is for those that want to enhance their relationship with their spouse, significant other, or partner. Fun Loving Couples™ is for growing stronger together!  

Charles and Linda have been working side-by-side together, 24/7/365 since 2009. They are the founders and owners of Musselwhite Marketing, a digital marketing agency that serves small to enterprise level businesses.

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